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Fan coil volute wind wheel

  Introduction of fan coil wind wheel:
  Fan coil unit wind wheel is a variety of impeller and small motor shaft flow vane. Widely used in fan, fan coil unit, range hood, air curtain, water heater, motor and other industries.
  Exquisite structure and beautiful appearance: all structural parts of the product are made of galvanized steel plate, selected sound absorption and heat preservation materials, equipped with forward-curved multi-blade wind wheel, hemp point type aluminum fin coil and galvanized anticorrosion and heat preservation water tray, etc.
  Design features: 1. High wind wheel, low speed, oblique meter cooler and other special design, small volume, less occupation, light weight, good strength, can be conveniently arranged in any place. 2. The fan is a galvanized steel small low noise centrifugal fan, using ultra-wide Angle galvanized steel volute and galvanized steel multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel. Strict dynamic and static balance test is carried out on the wind wheel to ensure low vibration and noise of the fan; At the same time, the wind wheel and motor can have a variety of options to meet the requirements of various specifications of fan coil air volume.
  Table cooler heat exchange efficiency, power consumption: Coil adopts the seamless copper tube with hydrophilic film plating aluminum pot point type corrugated heat dissipation fin, by the United States imported processing equipment production, special heat exchanger by mechanical tube, the heat exchange tube with aluminum fin closely, ensure that puts high heat transfer efficiency, products rigid inspection before they go out, and through the pressure test leakage (leakage test pressure of 25 kg/cm2), to ensure product quality and performance.
  Less water loss: the water collection head is forged with brass, so that the water flow is uniform and smooth, the water outlet is equipped with knob exhaust valve, which can conveniently discharge the air inside the machine.
  Power saving, low noise, long life: the use of new technology research and production of special fan motor, single-phase 220V 4, frequency 50HZ, CLASS E insulation, withstand voltage AC1500V for one minute, the shaft after quenching and tempering and hard chromium special treatment, so that the shaft is not deformation, rust.

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