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Fresh air fan

  The new fan is an effective air purification equipment, can make the indoor air circulation, on the one hand, the indoor dirty air out of the outdoor, on the other hand, the outdoor fresh air after sterilization, disinfection, filtration and other measures, then input to the room, so that every moment in the room is fresh and clean air.
  The new fan uses the patented technology of fresh air convection, and realizes indoor air convection through independent air supply and air diversion, so as to carry out indoor air replacement. The new fan has a built-in multi-functional purification system to ensure the clean and healthy air entering the room. The new fan is mainly divided into two types: exhaust type new fan and air supply type new fan, which can be installed in most indoor environments, easy to install and comfortable to use. A new fan is a healthy companion for home life. In 1935, Robesun invented a heat exchange device for filtering air pollution in the world, also known as the "new fan".
  1. Using specially designed special high pressure head, large flow blower, achieve mechanical ventilation, improve indoor air quality in a pure physical way, no secondary pollution, no derivative pollution.
  2. Air flow, flow rate in line with the new standard requirements of healthy housing, human body without any side effects and discomfort. Multiple functions (namely: dust removal, sterilization, oxygenation, heating) in one. Because there is no pipe connection, it can effectively prevent the bacteria in indoor polluted air from cross infection through the pipe.
  3. The application of unique dynamic and static balance technology, so that the noise of mechanical operation is less than or equal to 45dB, and according to the climate and geographical environment of the application region, the toxification, sterilization, heating, dust, noise and other functions can be combined into different series of products.
  4. Because there is no pipeline, the pipeline installation and maintenance workload is exempted, the system cost is saved, the cost is low, energy saving and environmental protection, and the shortages of large pipeline fresh air system such as high cost, complicated installation, difficult cleaning and difficult maintenance are effectively solved.
  5. Small shape, beautiful, reasonable structure. According to different occasions can provide wall-mounted type, top suction type, cabinet type and other models. Easy installation and maintenance, soft fresh air, can be widely used in home, office, public places.

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