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Fresh air system tuyere

  The fresh air system depends on the installation. The installation has a great influence on the use of the fresh air system. Among them, the arrangement of the return air outlet and the air inlet of the fresh air system is very key. On the premise of complying with the law of wind movement, measures should be taken according to local conditions to make the operation of the new fan more efficient and the indoor air circulation better.
  Return air mouth about fresh air system and the design of the inlet is also there are some matters needing attention, in general, in number, a room return air mouth and air inlet will set a respectively, while in the area of space is larger, such as sitting room, dining-room area, designed two sets of return air mouth + inlet, is more advantageous to the indoor air replacement.
  And if the location of the return air outlet and the air inlet is not well distributed, it will affect the circulation of indoor air, and the effect of the new fan is difficult to achieve the expected. Therefore, in the position design of tuyere, the following principles are generally followed:
  1, the distance between the inlet and the return air outlet is as far as possible, forming a diagonal: such a design, can let the air circulation in a large range; On the contrary, if the air inlet and the return air inlet are too close, it may cause channeling.
  2. The return air outlet of fresh air and the air outlet of air conditioning also need to keep distance. The principle is the same as above, the air after air-conditioning refrigeration or heating will also be sent away by the return air outlet of fresh air.
  3. The wind speed of the inlet of fresh air is about 1-2m/s. In the indoor room with closed doors and Windows, if it is blown under the outlet, it will feel the breeze, and the comfort of use will be slightly discounted. Therefore, if it is the design of the air inlet in the bedroom, it should be placed at the end of the bed to ensure the quality of sleep of the family.
  4. Near the sofa in the living room, the dining table, the study desk, the fitness area and other areas are the places where the owners often move. The demand for fresh air is also greater.
  5, the return air outlet should be arranged in the dirty air accumulation or dead corner of the room, to ensure that the indoor air can be replaced, generally in the sharp corner of the house to install the return air outlet.
  6. In the setting, the air inlet should be close to the position of the fresh air host as far as possible, and the length of the air duct from the new fan to the air inlet should be shortened to better reduce the loss of the fresh air volume in the transportation.

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